Invention Licensing

Not interested in going the "startup route"? No problem. 

We'll get your idea in front of companies for a licensing deal. 


Step 1: We'll create a pitch package for your invention, including: 

  • Professional renderings
  • Realistic revenue predictions
  • Basic engineered design
  • Provisional patent application
  • Slides / PDF presentation
  • Video presentation

Step 2: We'll identify the best companies to submit your invention to

Step 3: If accepted, you get sales royalties every time your product sells. 

Relax... We'll take it from here!


Creating a startup business from your invention isn't an attractive option for most inventors. Licensing your invention allows you to collect royalties while others do all the hard work. 


Dan Engerer

Director, Brainchild Engineering


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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a patent first?

Will I need a prototype?

How do I know you won't steal my idea?

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